Aziegbemi “Okis” Okisamen – From Nigeria to the United States

Aziegbemi “Okis” Okisamen is currently a graduate student studying applied mathematics at IUP. Coming from the South of Nigeria, he shared with me some interesting aspects of American educational culture that I had not thought about before, as well as his perspective regarding the work ethic at Pennsylvania’s company, Sheetz. 

Meeting with Okis while socially distanced in Indiana, PA
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From India to The Gambia – Muhammad Rafiq

The smallest country in Africa and almost entirely surrounded by Senegal, The Gambia hosts many rich cultures and diverse ecosystems. While visiting this past January for a class, I found the time to speak with several individuals about their lives in The Gambia, particularly focusing on what made migrants choose to call “The Smiling Coast” their new home.

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