This website serves as an Oral History Project with the purpose of promoting an understanding of difficulties migrants, immigrants, and refugees face.

It is the goal to contribute a token of peace and understanding to the environment of bias and fear we often find ourselves in by providing a platform to tell a variety of individuals’ stories from many different countries. Together we must generate discussion and celebrate the diversities and multiplicities that make up our world.

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Fanar Ayad – From Iraq to Kurdistan to Jordan

Recently my college hosted the second installment of the “Refugee Voices” series, featuring the ambitious and motivated Fanar Ayad. Born in Iraq, Fanar and her family were forced to flee her home in Baghdad due to their Christianity and the growing unrest due to Al-Qaeda presence in her town. Against all odds, Fanar has since …


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Migrating Stories” is an Online Oral History Project that needs your help!

“Migrating Stories” is a topic to be shared by many people with many voices. If you have a personal story, know of a friend or family member who would be willing to share their experience, or just have an interest in journalism or communications and want to get involved, please send an email to migratingstories@gmail.com

In particular, “Migrating Stories” will focus on the variety of reasons and conditions influencing people to leave their home country, their experience of assimilation, difficulties of intersectionality, the complexity of migrant identity, and what personal choices they have made about preserving their own culture.

Only together can we foster an environment of inclusiveness and empathy.

Thank you for your interest and support!



Clara Sherwood is an undergraduate student at Washington & Jefferson College in the United States. She studies Spanish, Music, Arabic, and International Relations, and hopes to pursue a career in public service involving migration and refugee issues.

Other Contributors:

Pavel – “From Venezuela to Argentina,” Conversation Partner, NaTakallam

Fanar Ayad – “From Iraq to Kurdistan to Jordan,” Conversation Partner, NaTakallam

Yvonne Mwale – “From Zambia to Germany,” Recording artist with new album titled “Free Soul,” for more information visit yvonnemwale.com

Sayed Adiban – “From Afghanistan to Iran to Indonesia,” Conversation Partner, NaTakallam

Eugenia Forteza – “From France to Argentina to the United States,” Actress, opera singer, and model based out of New York City

Noor Ghanam – “Family Story from Palestine, Kuwait, and Jordan to the United States,” Current student at Washington University in St. Louis on the Pre-Med track majoring in Biology with Writing and Medical Humanities minors

Tasha Mwanakalando – “From Zambia to the United States,” Recent graduate of Washington & Jefferson College planning to attend law school

Aziegbemi “Okis” Okisamen – “From Nigeria to the United States,” Studying for his master in Applied Mathematics at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Walter Angus Li – “From Guyana to the United States”

Mukena Kasongo “Deogracias” – “From the Democratic Republic of Congo to the United States,” College student at Washington & Jefferson College

Ahlam Abulaila – “From Palestine to the United States,” Studying for her doctorate at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Matti Inayat– “From Pakistan to the United States,” Social worker in York, Pennsylvania

Raneen Nassar – “From Egypt to the United States,” Recent graduate from New Hampshire University in Political Science

Dr. Prashanth Bharadwaj – “From India to the United States,” Professor of management and Dean’s Associate in the Eberly College of Business and IT at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Juan Couso – “From Colombia to Spain to the United States,” Recent graduate from Washington & Jefferson College in International Studies, Spanish, and Gender & Women’s Studies

Huma Affan– “From Pakistan to the United States,” Office Administrator at a Pediatric Clinic in Indiana, Pennsylvania

Sven Zepic – “From Croatia to the United States,” Recent graduate from Washington & Jefferson College in Business Administration

Muhammad Rafiq – “From India to the Gambia,” Works in Banjul, Gambia

Mamadou – “From Senegal to the Gambia,” Retail worker in The Gambia and Senegal

Nara – “From Morocco to Spain,” Student in Sevilla, Spain studying cosmetology